General Security


We have completed our SOC2 audit. If you are interested in seeing a copy of the completed report, please reach out to us.


Where does Arcade store data?

We store Arcade data in Firebase/Google Cloud (GCP). Images captured during recording are stored in GCP storage buckets, and videos are stored in a third party service called Mux.

Analytics data is captured using our tracker (unless creators opt-out) and is eventually stored in an AWS RDS database.

Can I opt out of my data being stored?

Yes. There's a toggle for this on the Settings > Privacy page where you'll be able to disable tracking. You can read more about other steps towards GDPR requirements here. You can also disable IP tracking on Arcades.


Can anyone see my Arcades?

Arcades are private by nature. If you publish your Arcade, it will only be visible to people who have the unique link, similar to an unlisted YouTube video or a Loom video. (That said, if someone can guess the randomized string of letters and numbers generated for each Arcade, they could watch it. That's a very unlikely scenario.)

If you embed your Arcade on another site, it will be visible to anyone who visits that site.

Are Arcades indexed by search crawlers?

Published Arcades are indexed by search crawlers. To disable this, navigate to the Settings > Privacy page.


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