All Clearbit features are available on the Growth plan.

What are the Clearbit features?

Arcade integrates with Clearbit Reveal to show you companies that are interacting with your Arcades. You'll be able to see these analytics aggregated on the Leads page as well as the Insights of any particular Arcade.

Leads page

On the Leads page, you'll be able to see a review of all the companies who have engaged with your Arcades, along with their total plays, number of unique viewers, and total number of Arcades viewed. You'll also be able to see the cumulative plan activity over the last day, 7 days, and 30 days.

If you click on the company name, you'll be able to see which of your Arcades these companies have engaged with, and a number which indicates their level of interest. You'll also be able to see some Clearbit-enriched information about the company: the industry, revenue, number of employees, and social media profiles, as well as the viewer location and role of the viewer.

Insights page

When viewing the Insights for any specific Arcade, scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the Clearbit panel. Here, you'll be able to see the top 100 company profiles who engaged with your Arcade.

Similar to the Leads page, you'll be able to see the viewer location, company industry, number of employees, and interest level.

Clicking on the company profile will tell you exactly how many viewers, views, completions, CTA clicks, and the average time this company spent with your Arcade. You'll also see which branches they selected, if there were branches in your Arcades, and which other Arcades this company has viewed.

Do I need a Clearbit account?

Nope! We got you :) Clearbit credits are automatically included under the Growth plan.

How do I enable Clearbit on my account?

Go to the Leads page on the lefthand sidebar. Once you click on the page, you'll be prompted to enable Clearbit for your account.

You can navigate to Settings > Integations. Next to the "Clearbit" line, you'll see a button to enable. Once enabled, this button can also be clicked to disable the feature.

How can I best use the Clearbit feature?

In Sales, you'll be able to tell if your prospect has meaningfully engaged with the Arcade, if they've shared it with others in their company, and how interested they were. Same for Customer Success and Marketing. You can see which companies are looking at your Arcades, including potential prospects and competitors.


All HubSpot features are available on the Growth plan.

How does the HubSpot integration work?

Arcade integrates with HubSpot in two ways:

  1. Creates HubSpot Contacts when new Arcade form submissions (with email field(s)) are received.

  2. Creates HubSpot Companies when Arcade viewers are identified as a company by the Clearbit integration. Note that this integration part is only available if you enable the Clearbit integration inside Arcade. If you don't, Arcade form submissions will still create HubSpot contacts.

In addition to these two objects being created inside HubSpot, Arcade will add timeline events to the appropriate contact or company. These timeline events will surface form submissions/answers on contacts and Arcade play events on companies.

How can I enable the HubSpot integration?

To enable the HubSpot integration, head to Settings > Integrations and toggle on the HubSpot line.

How can I make the most of the HubSpot integration?

This Arcade has a detailed runthrough of creating custom Company views, sorting Companies by Arcade activity to see who is engaging the most with your demos, and identifying Companies that should be marked as prospects or deals.


What are Forms?

In addition to adding multiple buttons to a Chapter to collect information from customers or allow for branching, you can also add Forms into an Arcade chapter and collect customers' names, emails, feedback, or any other information!

How do I get notified of Form submissions?

When you create a Form, you're automatically subscribed to email updates. If you want to toggle these on or off, go to Insights > Form submissions and toggle the setting!

You can also export the submissions as a CSV.

If you want or need other ways of seeing your Form submissions — through Slack, Zapier, Salesforce, or something else, reach out! We want to hear.

Will Form submissions connect to HubSpot?

Yup, automatically. If you have the HubSpot integration set up, you don't need to do anything — Form submissions will show up underneath the Contact property.

If you don't have the HubSpot integration set up, set it up with the instructions above.

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