The first step in making an Arcade is recording. This page handles the basics (and the advanced!) of recording a great Arcade.

What are the recording mediums?

Arcades can be recorded through:

You can also upload media to an Arcade -- whether that's a PDF, image, or video.

Browser Recording

How do I record an Arcade?

Click on the Arcade Chrome extension to start recording, and click it again to stop. You can also use ⌘E to start or stop recording.

Once you start recording, Arcade will automatically capture everything you click on. When the Arcade is done recording, you'll be able to edit your Arcade.

When will Arcade record video? When will Arcade record screenshots?

When you click anywhere on a webpage, Arcade will take a screenshot and put a hotspot where you've clicked.

If you scroll, type, drag and drop, Arcade will record a video. You can always keep, edit, or delete these videos while editing your flow.

Can I cancel a recording midway through?

Of course! Just hit the Esc key, and the recording will automatically stop. If you finish a recording you don't need, you can always delete it from your library.

Can I create an Arcade manually (without using the Chrome extension)?

For sure! Anyone can create an Arcade manually, without the Chrome extension. You can always use this to add other media to your Arcade while editing.

Make sure that all images and videos you add to an Arcade use the same dimensions. Arcade automatically resizes all images to match the dimensions of the first uploaded or captured image,

Is there anything Arcade can't capture on a browser?

Arcade should capture everything that shows on your tab while you are recording. There are a handful of exceptions:

  • If you move to another tab, Arcade will capture images but not videos. If you need to move between tabs, we suggest creating an Arcade on each tab and then combining them by copying and pasting the steps.

  • Arcade cannot capture the action of another Chrome extension.

  • Whenever a website uses native select controls (drop-downs that aren't styled, native windows like a file picker), the Chrome capture API will not record it. In these events, you'd need to upload a screenshot of the file picker or other control to add it to your Arcade.

  • If you move too quickly, the Chrome extension may miss a blade or tab. In these cases, we recommend slowing down while you record your Arcade. Make sure to hover over the items you'd like to capture, and maybe add an extra click on the blade while it's open. This shouldn't happen frequently, and please reach out to us if you notice it happening to you!

Chrome Extension

Should I record with the Chrome extension?

Recording with the Chrome extension is the easiest way to make an Arcade.

If you prefer not to use the Chrome extension, you can always manually make an Arcade with screenshots or use the desktop app.

Does the Chrome extension work other browsers?

The Chrome extension should work on all Chromium browsers.

Safari: The Chrome extension won't work on Safari. If you use Safari, you can always create an Arcade manually.

Arc: Yup! Arc is a Chromium browser, so the Arcade extension works great there. Most of the Arcade team uses Arc. (Arcade on Arc... pretty meta.)

Brave: The Chrome extension also works on Brave.

Other browsers: Write to us and let us know your experience!


What can I record?

Arcade's desktop app allows you to create interactive demos through recording desktop apps, terminal apps, and multiple tabs/screens.

How do I record a demo with the desktop app?

After launching the Arcade app, choose between recording your entire screen or app and then press the 'record interactive demo' button.

Can I edit a demo after recording it?

Absolutely. Once you've finished recording, your Arcade will open up a tab in your default browser to upload. You will have the same editing capabilities from there as the Chrome extension.

Can I export my demo? If so, in what formats?

Yes! Once you have edited your Arcade, the demo can be exported in GIF and video formats with customizable export settings for quality and size.

How do I check for updates?

If a new update is available, you will be prompted with a modal to update the app on loading. It will require a refresh of the app.


Can I record an Arcade on my phone?

Chrome extensions don't work on most mobile browsers (both iPhone and Android), so you won't be able to record an Arcade directly on your phone.

You can take screenshots and screen recordings on your phone and then upload them to create a mobile Arcade, or you can upload a screen recording and use video splitting to make it into an interactive demo.

Can I turn a mobile or desktop recording into an interactive Arcade?

Yes! Our video splitting feature will allow you to turn any recording into an interactive demo.


What is the screen resize feature?

Before Arcade starts recording, it will resize your screen to an optimal size. Using a standard size makes it easier to record Arcades between different screens, upload correctly sized images no matter where you are, and keep the resolution crisp.

You do not need to use the screen resize feature, but it does help!

If I'm manually creating an Arcade, what dimensions should I use?

If you're creating an Arcade from scratch, we recommend recording at 1200x800 px. However, you can also record at a larger or smaller size!

If you're uploading media and want to ensure it is sized correctly, you can check the dimensions of your first uploaded step.

How can I check my Arcade's dimensions or the dimensions of media in the library?

In order to see a specific Arcade's dimensions, click on the Media Library button. Above the Upload Media button, you'll see the dimensions of your Arcade.

Any image and video in the library will show its dimensions in the bottom left corner.

Why is part of my Arcade cut off?

Arcade determines the aspect ratio based on the first step. The dimensions of the first step will be used across all following steps.

This means that if your first step's aspect ratio differs from that of other steps, the following steps will be cropped to match it.

If you're uploading media and want to ensure it is sized correctly, you can check the dimensions of your first uploaded step. Just hover over the upload button, and a tooltip will appear with the dimensions of your first uploaded step. You can use these dimensions to crop/choose other images accordingly.


Why is my upload not going through? The screen says, "Preparing your Arcade," but it hasn't ended.

This tends to be a memory issue. Check if any processes on your machine use up a lot of memory; stopping them usually helps. Restarting the machine has helped in such cases.

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