Quick Start

Getting set up on Arcade.

🕹 How to get started with Arcade.

Navigate through the Arcade below for tips on how to get started and make the most of the tool.

Step 1: Download the Chrome Extension

With the Chrome extension, building and updating an Arcade is much easier and faster. You just focus on the story, and we handle the rest!

What does it do? With the extension, you can resize your screen, record an interactive demo, take a screenshot to add to an existing Arcade, or record a video with a personal touch.

How does it work?

The Arcade Chrome Extension captures all your actions, including clicks, scrolls, and typing, and saves them as video snippets and screenshots for easy editing.

👉 Download it here

How to create great Arcades.

A four-part collection of (short!) Arcades designed to teach you how to build your first demo.

Part 1: How to Record

Part 2: How to Edit

Part 3: How to Publish

Part 4: How to Analyze

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