Team Management

Adding Members

How do I add someone to my team?

You can add anyone to your team by navigating to Settings > Members on the Arcade app. There, you'll find two ways to add someone to your team.

  1. Invite by email: You can add as many emails as you'd like, separated by commas. Once you click send, an invite will go out to those people and invite them to join your team on Arcade.

  2. Invite by link: If you have a bunch of people who you want to join your Arcade team easily, you can copy an invite link. Anyone who clicks on the link will be automatically added to your team. You can drop this link in a Slack channel, company email, etc.

The invite link will only work if the person clicking is on the same domain as the team domain. If you are inviting someone with another domain, you will need to invite them with their email.

When your teammate clicks on this invitation link, they will automatically be added to the Arcade Team. If they don't have an Arcade account, they will be prompted to sign up for an Arcade account and upon login, they will be added to the team.

Invitation links are a great way for you to add your teammates without a team admin having to approve each one. Once a user is added to the team via an invitation link, they have the same access as a regular team member and can add, edit, and share their Arcades within the team.

Users added to a team via an invitation link will automatically increase your Team's seat count effective the date they join. If you remove a user, your subscription also will be adjusted accordingly.

Team Folder

How do I move my Arcades into the my workspace?

How do I move Arcades into the Teams folder?

In order for your teammates to see an Arcade, or for your branding to be applied, the Arcade needs to be in the Teams folder.

How can I change default appearance for entire team?

To change the color, watermark, background, or any other setting for an entire team, go to Settings and then Appearance.

These settings will apply only to Arcades in the team folder. They will not apply to Arcades in My Arcades.

I have team appearance settings. Why are they not being applied to my Arcade?

If your team appearance settings (colors, fonts, watermarks, overlay, etc.) are not being applied to your Arcade, check if the Arcade is in the team space. Team settings do not apply to Arcades in your My Arcades space.

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