Once you've recorded your Arcade, you can start editing: add and remove steps, add context, trim video, highlight features, and more.


You need to be on the Growth plan in order to collaborate on Arcades.

Can I view my teammate's Arcades?

For sure! If you put any Arcade in the Teams folder, your teammates will be able to see, tag, and share that Arcade with others by using the Share link or embedding the Arcade.

Can I edit my teammate's Arcade?

You can! If you put any Arcade in the Teams folder, your teammates will be able to request edit access to that Arcade.

All Arcades are by nature locked from editing — this helps ensure that no Arcade is accidentally edited while it is live. In order to edit a teammate's Arcades, you'll need to request edit access. Once they grant you access (by clicking "Grant" in the edit access email), you'll be able to edit their Arcade going forward.

You can also have it default open access. To do so, you can adjust the settings and permissions this way:


Each hotspot has a target: this is the step that clicking on this hotspot will lead to. Below, we see a hotspot which leads to step 2. A small purple "2" in the bottom left corner indicates this, as does a preview of the target step.

How do I add branching in my Arcade?

Can I add a hotspot which doesn't move?

If you want to add multiple hotspots on one page, but make sure no viewer moves off the page until they've seen all relevant information, you can do that by creating a hotspot which stays on the same page.

Pan and Zoom

How can I add pan and zoom to my Arcades?

Pan and zoom is a feature for our Pro, Growth, and Enterprise plans.

To add pan and zoom, select the pan and zoom tool from the toolbar. A zoom section will be automatically placed around your hotspot. You can adjust the size of this section as needed. To preview what the pan and zoom will look like, just click Preview.

Pan and zoom can be enabled both on images and on video steps.

Can I delay the pan and zoom?

Can I change the easing of the pan and zoom?

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