Once you've recorded your Arcade, you can start editing: add and remove steps, add context, trim video, highlight features, and more.

Editing Basics

Steps are the building blocks of Arcades.
When an Arcade is finished recording, each click will be broken out into a step. The steps are listed on the lefthand tab and are made up of either pictures, videos, or overlays. (Here's how Arcade chooses when to use still images and when to use video.)
When you're editing an Arcade, you can duplicate or delete current steps and add new ones.

How do I edit an Arcade?

Once an Arcade is done recording, you'll be automatically taken to an upload page. When the upload is complete, you'll be able to start editing — just make sure you're on the Edit tab.
From there, you can change the Arcade title, delete and duplicate steps, move and add hotspots, add hotspot text, other images, videos, overlays, change the logo, and way more.
Tip: We always recommend adding text to hotspots.
Rather than just writing what the user would be clicking on, use the hotspots as a change to tell the user a story about this feature or product.

Can I duplicate steps?

You can! Just use ⌘C and ⌘V as you would elsewhere. You can use Shift + Click to select multiple steps for copying and pasting.

Can I merge two Arcades?

Yes! Using the copy and paste above, you can copy steps from any one Arcade into another Arcade.
FYI, this won't work if you are copying steps from one Arcade account and pasting them in an Arcade in another account.

Can I delete an Arcade?

Of course! On the My Arcades or Team page, check the Arcade you'd like to delete and click Delete on the top of the page. You can also click Delete from the Options Menu (three dots) on the preview for each Arcade.
If you accidentally delete an Arcade and need to recover it, reach out! We can help.

How do I replace a step in an Arcade?

If I'm uploading new media, what dimensions should I use?

Arcade will automatically crop all steps to match the dimensions of the first step. You can find the dimensions of the first step by hovering your mouse over the upload button.
You can read more about sizing in Arcade here.


Every time you click on page, Arcade creates a pulsating hotspot in that place.
In order to progress though an Arcade, viewers click on the hotspot.

Is there a way to have steps skipped without someone clicking them?

Not as an interactive Arcade. As above, the viewer must click on the hotspot in order to progress through the Arcade.
If you want to have the Arcade progress without a viewer interacting with it, we recommend you download your Arcade as a GIF or video.

How do I add or edit a hotspot?

In addition to the hotspots automatically created during recording, you can always add more hotspots, delete hotspots, move them around the screen, etc.
You can create as many hotspots as you'd like on one page, and you can even branch your Arcade.
Add a hotspot by double-clicking anywhere on the Edit page. When you do, a new hotspot will show up.
You can add text to a hotspot, set if it should open automatically, change the color, set a target, and more. Hotspots support plain text and emojis. When you're editing, you can use Shift + Enter to create a line break in your hotspot text.

Can I control the direction of the hotspot text?

For sure! Click and drag on the text box to move it around. It can go north, south, east, or west of the hotspot. Once you drop it, it will stay in the location unless it's too close to the edge of the frame.

Why is my hotspot text changing direction?

Hotspots can't be outside of the frame. If you chose a location too close to the frame, we may need to revert it to the original location. If your text box is touching the edge of the frame, Arcade will automatically readjust it.
To keep this from happening, make sure to keep the hotspot textbox from touching the edge of the frame.


You need to be on the Growth plan in order to collaborate on Arcades.

Can I view my teammate's Arcades?

For sure! If you put any Arcade in the Teams folder, your teammates will be able to see, tag, and share that Arcade with others by using the Share link or emebedding the Arcade.

Can I edit my teammate's Arcade?

You can! If you put any Arcade in the Teams folder, your teammates will be able to request edit access to that Arcade.
All Arcades are by nature locked from editing — this helps ensure that no Arcade is accidentally edited while it is live. In order to edit a teammate's Arcades, you'll need to request edit access. Once they grant you access (by clicking "Grant" in the edit access email), you'll be able to edit their Arcade going forward.


Each hotspot has a target: this is the step that clicking on this hotspot will lead to. Below, we see a hotspot which leads to step 2. A small purple "2" in the bottom left corner indicates this, as does a preview of the target step.

How do I add branching in my Arcade?

Can I add a hotspot which doesn't move?

If you want to add multiple hotspots on one page, but make sure no viewer moves off the page until they've seen all relevant information, you can do that by creating a hotspot which stays on the same page.


You need to be on the Growth plan to edit video in Arcade.

How can I edit videos?

On our Growth plan, you can seek, trim, and control the speed of any video.
You can also edit any video on your desktop (and use another app to add pan and zoom, blur, or any other specific edits) and then upload that video to Arcade.

Can I add a hotspot in a video?

You can't add a hotspot in a moving video, but you can add a hotspot to the still image at the end of a video.