Different methods for sharing your Arcades with viewers.


Once your Arcade is edited and designed, it's time to share it with others! There are a few different ways for you to share your Arcade. You can embed it in any page (your site or app, Notion, or hundreds of other apps), download it as a GIF or video, or use the Arcade Share page.

To learn more about a specific method, navigate to a page below!


How can I organize my Arcades?

We offer tagging and folders for Arcades on the Growth plan.

Once your Arcades are tagged, you'll be easily able to filter results and make sure you are seeing the most relevant Arcades.

How do I add a folder?

Folders are only available for users on the Growth plan. To add a folder, go to your Team Workspace and click the dropdown menu. You'll see an option to add a new folder there. You can add as many folders as you like!

We don't yet support subfoldering, folders in your personal space, or folders with restrictions (i.e. only specific people can view or edit this folder), but those things are all on the roadmap!

Can I set branding specifics for a folder?

For sure! Growth users have access to Themes. When you edit a folder, you'll be able to select a theme to apply to all Arcades within it.

When you move an Arcade into the folder, a popup will ask you if you want to change the branding of the Arcade to match the folder's theme. You'll be able to choose if you want to change that specific Arcade's branding or have it not match the folder's settings.

Can I have a different internal and external name for Arcades?

Sure! On the Arcade, go to Settings. You'll see a field for both "Title" and "External Title".

Types of Embedded Arcades

Does my Arcade have to be interactive? Can it autoplay?

When you embed an Arcade in a site, you can choose whether you'd like it to be interactive or play automatically, without any input from the viewer. If you have it autoplay, the Arcade will act like a GIF or autoplayed video — the user will see the steps and transition between each step.

How do I turn autoplay on?

To turn autoplay on, click on the Appearance tool on the right hand side of the editor. From Appearance, toggle Autoplay on.

What Insights will I see if autoplay is on?

When autoplay is on, Arcade will not collect engagement Insights (since most users are not engaging.)

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