Which features come with each plan?

Number of users: Unlimited (billed per seat)
Number of Arcades: Unlimited
Features: Growth has the most creator-friendly features. You can collaborate on Arcades, edit videos, see advanced Insights, put your logo on Arcades, get priority support, advanced permissions for your team, and more.
Growth is great for advanced Arcade creators and for smaller teams.
Number of users: 1
Number of Arcades: Unlimited
Features: In Pro, you can remove the Arcade watermark, use the Chapters feature, have advanced privacy controls (like preventing search crawlers from indexing your Arcades), and export GIFs/videos at 1080p.
Pro is great for solo creators or people starting to test Arcade.
Number of users: Unlimited
Number of Arcades: Unlimited
The Enterprise plan contains all Growth features, in addition to enterprise grade security, a private Slack channel, SSO, and Insight exports.
Enterprise is best for large companies with specific security requirement and/or many users looking to use Arcade.
Number of users: 1
Number of published Arcades: 3
Features: Any Free user can make more Arcades, but they won't be published and shareable. All Arcades will have the Arcade watermark on the bottom right corner and have 720p video/GIF export. There is no collaboration in the Free plan.
Free is best for users looking to test Arcade.

Can I collaborate on Pro?

There are no collaboration features in Pro. The Growth plan supports collaboration.

Am I charged per user on Growth?

Yes. Growth allows for multiple users, but you'll be charged for each seat you use. If you're planning on buying many seats, reach out to us to discuss bulk pricing.

How does Enterprise pricing work?

Enterprise pricing is custom for each company. We'll work with you to figure out the right fit given your company's needs and the number of users expected on Arcade.