Arcades can look just like your brand: you can add your logo as a watermark, customize the colors, fonts, buttons on the share page, and more!


How can I remove the Arcade watermark?

Removing the watermark is only possible for users on paid plans. If you're interested in upgrading to a Pro or Growth plan, check out the upgrade page.
All Arcades on the Free plan have the Arcade watermark affixed on the bottom right corner.
If you're on the Pro plan, you can remove the watermark by clicking on the Arcade and selecting to remove on the Arcade settings page. There is no global setting to remove all watermarks on the Pro plan.
If you're on the Growth plan, you can choose to remove the watermark for all Arcades. You can also add your own logo as a watermark.
Removing the watermark for Pro users
Removing the watermark for Growth users
If you're on a Growth plan and are an admin, you can either remove the watermark on individual Arcades like the example above, or you can remove the watermark on all Arcades in your team folder by following these steps:
This will remove the watermark from all Arcades on your team and change the default. New Arcades will not have the watermark.

How can I add my logo as a watermark?

On the Growth plan plan, you can add your own logo as a watermark on your Arcade. You can also set custom hover text and a URL for the watermark.

How else can I brand the page?

In addition to adding your watermark to embedded Arcades, Growth users can add their logo to the Share page and customize the button on the top right of the share page. See the Arcade above!

Chapters and Navigation

A chapter or overlay is a way of breaking up your Arcade and adding context. You can add one at the beginning, end, or anywhere in the middle of your Arcade where you feel it helps!

Can I add CTA to a chapter?

Start overlays and chapters (in the middle of an Arcade) can only lead to the following step of the Arcade. Overlays at the end of an Arcade can have a CTA to an external page, another Arcade, or anything else you can think of!
You'll be able to track the clicks on your CTA on the Insights page.

What is navigation?

The navigation settings allows you to add a progress bar at the bottom of the Arcade, with a segment for each step in the Arcade.
Without navigation, a viewer needs to click on each hotspot in order to progress through an Arcade. With navigation, the viewer can see the number of remaining steps and jump forward and backward.

Colors and Fonts

Can I adjust the wrapper/frame around the Arcade?

You can adjust the wrapper to dark or light mode to match your site, or remove it entirely. You can also add a background around the wrapper or Arcade.

Can I use my brand styles (colors and fonts)?

For sure! You can set the hotspot or text color to a HEX code by clicking on the hotspot settings in Edit mode. You can adjust your font to any Google Font by going to the Arcade settings and selecting Appearance.
These changes are on a per-Arcade basis. If you are on the Growth plan, you can set consistent brand settings to apply to all Arcades in your team folder.


Does Arcade support blurring?

Arcade doesn't have blurring functionality. (Yet! Let us know if you want it.) If you want to blur items on your screen, we recommend trying the Blurweb or Zeroblur Chrome extensions, blurring the necessary items, and then working with Arcade.

Can I made my Arcade fullscreen?

You can make any Arcade full screen by just clicking the expand button in the top right.