GIFs and Videos

Exports are only for Pro and Growth users.

Arcades can be exported as GIFs and videos! These are perfect for use in email and social media.

Arcades work best as interactive demos, so users can engage directly with your product. If you're exporting a long Arcade to a video or GIF, it may be better to use video-specific software.

How do I download my Arcade as a GIF or video?

Click on the Share button and select how you'd like to share. You'll see options for video and GIF downloads, Twitter, and website embeds. You'll have the ability to choose the resolution and frame rate for your export. We suggest different settings for emails, social media, and presentations, but you can also customize the settings you need.

Are there size constraints on my export?

Yes. Arcade are capped at 100 steps / 59 minutes of export time.

How can I limit the size of my GIF or video?

To limit the file size, try limiting the number of steps in your Arcade. In general, the shorter the Arcade, the more powerful it is for the viewer.

Are closed captioning included in the video export?

Closed captioning is not currently included in the exported video or GIF files. However, most video platforms, like YouTube, will automatically generate closed captioning and subtitle support for Arcade videos. In the future, we may support automatically including closed-captioning in our video exports.

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